Friday, 13 January 2017

Rambling Mummy Loves....Slow Cookers

In this fast paced world time has unfortunately become one of our most precious luxuries. Whether it's, family life, work, education etc we seem to be trying to cram so much in to our waking day that we merely exist instead of actually living. As a mum of 4 time is extremely valuable so anything that can free up some of it has to be a bonus right??
After months of people raving about slow cookers, I finally bit the bullet and bought one and do you know what I haven't looked back once. So this weeks rambling mummy loves is all about one of the smallest and most cost efficient kitchen appliances...the slow cooker.

Slow cookers are a convenient and easy way to make a meal. Some boast 'amazing' features such as a bowl that can be used on the hob. Expensive models often have digital controls, more timer options and even have an auto stir function but like anything, all you need is something that does the job you need it to.

Swan SF17020N 3.5Litre Slow Cooker
I have had many a tasty meal straight from my mums slow cooker before. Whether she is cooking for just her and my dad or is preparing for a visit from me and my brood her slow cooker always has the capacity to cope. With its easy to clean bowl, simple timer and pretty cleanline design, you'd have no issues with this sitting atop your work surface.
Before rushing out to buy a pricey slow cooker I thought it best to start simple and get a basic one which meant if I didn't get on with it I hadn't broken the back. I did some quick research and reserved myself this little bad boy from Argos.
Value for money and basic, I thought even this slow cooker virgin could handle this one.
Whilst it's not the biggest of slow cookers, it was able to cook most meals for my family of six with its simple hi and lo and fab keep warm features. Although a great product, I'm not sure of this would have stood the time of daily usage for 6 in our household but nonetheless a great product for a great price.
Once we realised that this would actually be a good investment we did(and by we I mean me because let's face it, nobody else in this house cooks!) a bit more research and finally settled on this as the new addition to our family. At 6.5 litres capacity we certainly don't struggle to fit meals into it. The toughened glass lid is great for checking on our food without having to remove it and the removable ceramic bowl is great to use as a serving dish. There are 3 heat settings which are easy to choose from using the dial. At the moment I've only had chance to use this for functional family meals, however, I have a huge list of fun recipes compiled that I can't wait to try out.

If you have a slow cooker or plan on buying one, let me know how you get on with it.

M xx

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