Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Parents in Business - We Need You

With more and more people in the UK being made redundant, forced to accept pay cuts and struggling to find work at all, there has been a surge in the number of small business being opened.
As a work at home mum, I understand the importance of getting the balance right and still being able to provide for my children and pay the bills.
With job uncertainty at an all time high and future education becoming ever more competitive, my soon to be husband and I decided that in order to 'secure our families future' we would have to take matters into our own hands.

Despite us both currently working we have begun developing our own small business which we are hoping to launch soon!

With business on our mind we know just how expensive advertising and marketing can be which is why we strongly believe on using all of the free social media opportunities at our disposal. They are great for free exposure, offer limitless networking opportunities and can put you in touch with potential customers.

To make the most of these opportunities we will be hosting a networking event every Wednesday evening on Twitter between 8pm and 9pm.
Whether you have a business idea, are a start-up or have been successfully trading for some time, if you are a parent in business we'd love for you to join us with your ideas, comments, suggestions or advice.

We'll be around this evening for anyone that wants to join on and hope to really get things going next Wednesday. So for articles, advice, networking and more join us on Wednesdays between 8pm and 9pm on Twitter

M xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow - Part 2

Ok, so admittedly there should have been another post before this but things have been ludicrously busy with our new business venture.

To begin with I had the strangest feeling that the seeds weren't going to grow or were going to be seriously slow...boy was I wrong.

Our parsley, coriander, onions and lettuce took on a life form of their own and began sprouting left, right and centre. Whilst the tomato plants equally we're really taking shape. 

When the weather perked up a bit I started putting them out during the day and bringing them back in for bed! Eventually we felt brave enough to plant them out.

Wow, our tomato plants have gone from strength to strength 

 The coriander is ready to be ised(and will be in tonight's salsa!)

As is the parsley

The lettuce will be ready in about 2 weeks

And the forgotten strawberry plants have made a welcome comeback!

The onions are doing their own thing and the chilli plant is yet to sprout but we do have basil and more parsley putting in an appearance

Overall I'm very pleased with how everything is growing so far and am on the look out for things we can still sow now.

How happy are you with your garden at the moment?

                             M xx