Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Friday, 13 November 2015

When life doesn't go to plan

Baby sensory classes, swimming lessons, baby massage, getting back into shape(well any other shape than the current one which pretty much resembles that of an orange)afternoons spent happily, comfortably and confidently breastfeeding in cafes with mummy friends. House work done, laundry always sorted, house always clean and tidy, routine, structure, schedule...The perfect family... WRONG!!!!!
Maternity leave hasn't quite gone to plan. Whilst I knew having a baby during the summer holidays would turn summer into one big blur, I also knew that once September came and I could instill structure and routine, things would be lovely, bliss if you like but that really hasn't been the case. With my eldest son in his final year of primary school I have done 13 school tours at 11 schools across three boroughs. We've had my mother-in-law in intensive care for two weeks, a baby who is back-and-forth at the baby clinic because her weight gain has been in the words of her paediatrician 'sub optimal', a leaky roof that has been a disaster to get sorted, a new street door and frame being fitted, a cooker that broke down and was repaired only for my husband to smash the top of the cooker at the very next day and a seriously stroppy teenage daughter.
This isn't quite what I had planned. 
 It's hard to believe that in just 5 months my maternity leave will be over and I will be leaving my adorable baby and going back to work. If I could rewind the time I would go back to the beginning when baby was first born and start all over again but I can't so moving forward I guess I have to be realistic and roll with the punches as it were.
It's so easy to let things get on top of you, overwhelm you and make you forget exactly why and who you are doing all of this for which is definitely what has happened to me.
So after a few deep breaths (and more than a few cursewords), I refuse to let things defeat me. I am going to have a long soak in the bath reevaluate everything and get right back on track.
I look at my kids and I know that despite my off days or weeks, I'm doing something right and I need to keep doing it for them.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

M xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

The week before any school holiday I always find to be quite hectic and last week was definitely no exception. 
Meet the teachers, open classes, trip meetings, black history social evening, tracking day and more, so when my 6 year old reminded me that there was a PTA cake sale and I needed to make something I knew I needed a quick and easy recipe. 

A little while back I made chocolate marshmallows with little monster and I knew these would be the quickest and simplest thing to make.

I haven't included measurements as you will be able to judge how much you need based on how many you want to make.

You will need
Cooking chocolate
Bamboo skewers(yes that really is it!)

What to do
Thread 3 or 4 marshmallows(depending on size) on each bamboo skewer until you have the desired amount

Melt the chocolate (you can either do this in a microwave but make sure you stop and stir it every 10 seconds or so or you can melt it in a bowl over simmering water)

Once the chocolate is melted, give it a good stir then start to coat all of the marshmallow skewers in the chocolate.

Lay on a sheet of baking paper until completely dry and hard. 
We had some sprinkles in the cupboard so added those before the chocolate dried.

That's all there is to it. 3 items and 3 steps and you have a sellout treat(these sold out at our cake sale in less than 3 minutes)

Have fun!