Thursday, 16 February 2017

DIY Cinema Treats on a Budget

Anyone who knows me knows that if there's a discount, bargain or promo code to be had then I'll find it and my sons birthday treat was no different.
After years of every kind of party you can imagine, my 8 year old decided that he wanted to take a few friends to the cinema.
Like many cinemas in recent years, our local independent cinema allows you to bring in your own food and drink providing it's not hot food or alcoholic beverages.
With that in mind I knew I wouldn't want to spend what cinemas charge for a handful of popcorn, a carton of juice and a packet of sweets so I made my own.

I purchased some plastic popcorn boxes, popcorn, 3 different bags of sweets, a bag of lollies and 2 boxes of juice cups.
An hour before we were due to meat everyone, I filled the boxes with popcorn, sweets and the lollies and covered with cling film.
The kids faces when we gave them the filled popcorn boxes were a treat and needless to say, they went down a storm.
All of this cost a fraction of what it would have cost if I had of bought treats there so this makes me one very happy mummy.

Popcorn boxes x10 from Poundland 2 for £1
Fizzy laces from Poundland £1 per pack 
Maom stripes from Poundland £1 per pack
Sherbet straws from Poundland £1 per pack
Swizzles lollies from Poundland £1 per pack
Popcorn x2 tubs from Iceland  £1.75 each
Box of juice cups x2 from Iceland £1 for a box of 12

Total spend £14.50

With the items I bought there was enough to have 14 full boxes and a drink each and then there 10 drinks left over, LOADS of sherbet straws, a few fizzy laces and a few maom stripes. The popcorn boxes are reusable so that's a one time outlay so my spend per box was roughly £1.10 this time which I am over the moon about.

What do you take to the cinema to help keep costs down but still feel like you're indulging?

                                                                          M xx

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