Monday, 12 May 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge

Since January I have noticed very simple but beautiful pictures with the hash tag 100 happy days on various social media sites. When I asked what it was all about  I got a very simple response "Post 1 picture for the next 100 days of something that makes you smile; a picture of your kids, their smile, a flower, your pet, even your dinner!"
It's so easy to take the simple things in life for granted that something like this makes you stop and enjoy the little, precious moments in life.

The reason I have put it off for so long is with everything we have going on at the moment I just knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with it but now with our upcoming nuptials, the launch of our new family business around the corner and the children doing so well at school, now is the perfect time for my 100 happy days.

 Day 1


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M xx

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Weekly Meal Planner

Oh dear, I didn't realise it had been quite so long.
Things have been as hectic around here as usual but I'm back with this weeks meal planner!

Weekly Meal Planner

Chicken noodles

Lasagne, pasta and sweetcorn and salad

Pork chops, roast potatoes, carrots and peas

Sausage, mash and bwans(with onion gravy of course!)

Chilli con carne with Mexican rice, salsa and tortilla chips

Turkey drummers, chips and beans

Roast beef and yorkshires with all the trimmings

M xx

What's on your menu this week?

Our Easter Hols

Our Easter Holiday in pics!

And finally...


How was your Easter break?

                             M xx