Thursday, 5 January 2017

Rambling Mummy Loves....Fruit Infusion Water Bottles

Out with the old and in with new. One of the most common phrases as the clock strikes on New Year's Day. Resolutions of weight loss, stopping smoking and getting fit are in the top 5 New Years resolutions made annually but how many of us actually are still dedicated once February arrives?
Not a resolution as such but more of a need I have vowed to drink more water but we all know how boring that can be, soooo, I have purchased a fan dabby dosey fruit infusion water bottle which I love and is making water drinking so much easier.
This rambling mummy had a great choice to choose from and here are my top 3.

If you're going to drink water why not do it in style? This gold finished water bottle with infusion chamber is a must for anyone wanting functionality and style. It's not a humungous bottle so realistically could fit in most bags but with its 682ml capacity you're sure to be on your way to increasing your water intake.

If your after something that's a bit more funky and a little lower in price then this bottle is the one for you. With a choice of 7 colours and with a one year replacement warranty this bottle is sure to see you in good stead.

If you are after a no frills bottle that 'does the job!' Then here it is. A steal at just £5 and with a 750ml water capacity, this is an ideal, everyday on the go item.

Until next time

Emma xx

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