Thursday, 19 January 2017

Rambling Mummy Loves...Scented Candles

Christmas is over, all the naughty food is out of the cupboard but it's still freezing cold outside and it's still pitch black by 6pm. I find myself in a desperate hurry in the evenings to get dinner and dishes out of the way, throw on some pjs and fluffy slippers and light some candles.
Along with the warmth and lovely glow, I love the scent that a beautifully fragranced candle gives off.
Here are my top 3 candles that currently grace my hallway, bedroom and lounge.

Any self respecting candle lover will admit having a Yankee or two around the house, car, office etc and I am no exception to the rule. Currently gracing the side in my lounge is this beautiful fresh cut roses scented jar candle. In a practical and pretty large glass jar, the smell is exactly what is promised; the gorgeous smell of fresh flowers.


This candle and pretty much everything else in this shop is absolutely amazing. Created and hand poured by the owner of the shop, Maryann every single candle in this shop smells like what it says. I've had a few different scented ones over time but this gingerbread men scented candle is absolutely amazing and in a contemporary tin to boot! Providing you can resist the temptation to try and eat this one, it would be a welcome addition to any room.


The relaxing scent of lavender and zesty lime are combined for a twist on a classic fragrance. This candle comes in a pretty lidded glass jar, it will make a wonderful addition to any home or a welcome gift to candle loving receipient.

What are some of your favourite scented candles?

                                                                        M xx

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