Tuesday, 26 November 2013

One Down, 3 To Go!

Every year I pledge to make the children a homemade advent calendar and every year I end up dashing around the shops like a woman possesed to try and find 3 suitable calenders on 30th November. Not this year! This year I am being super organised and have begun making them already. To be honest, the hardest part was choosing from the hundreds of creative ideas to suit each child.

Little monster was the easiest to choose for so his is the first to be made.

Suprise Box Tree Advent Calendar

You can make this using any colour card but we opted for Christmassy green and red

You will need
Double sided tape or glue
Cardboard (optional)
Treats to fill

How to Make
1. Draw or print 24 cube templates on the card and cut out

2. Score the card along all of the folds and flaps and fold into a cube shape.

3. With a pencil, mark a cross on all of the flaps that will need adhesive.

4. Unfold the cube and put double sided tape along all of the marked flaps.

5. One by one, remove the tape backing and stick the cube together.

6. Repeat this process for all 24 boxes.

7. Once you have made all 24 boxes it's time to assemble them. With the lids facing the front start to build a Christmas tree shape using double sided tape or another adhesive to stick the vibes together(use the picture as a guide)

8. OPTIONAL Once you have created your Christmas tree attach the entire shape to a piece of decorated cardboard. How you decorate it is entirely up to you. You can either punch two holes in the cardboard and hand up or leave it to stand.

9. Write or use stickers to number each box. This can be done in number order or randomly.

10. Finally, fill each cube with a treat. I've opted for a mix of sweets, chocolates, toys and craft items.

As little monster has decided he wants to use Christmas stickers to finish decorating his calendar there isn't a finished picture yet of his advent calendar completed but follow me on Twitter or check out my Facebook page for the end result.

Are you planning on giving your child an advent calendar this year? Will it be chocolate filled or are you opting for something healthier?

M xx

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