Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Is Your Child a Brand Snob?

On a recent shopping trip I popped into a sports shop to pick up a pair of plain black trainers for son number 1 for school as his kickers are well and truly worn out. 
I looked along the shelf at all the different brands and picked up a couple of pairs "eurgh, Jason won't wear that, it's not Nike!" my 4 year exclaimed at the top of his voice. I felt totally embarrassed. 
Jason, who turned 9 in September, really couldn't give a toss as to what brand something is or how he looks. For him it is about comfort and more often than not we will argue because he will try and wear jogging bottoms and manky old trainers everywhere.
None the less, little monsters comment got me thinking, at 4 what on earth does he know about brands?
After a very interesting discussion with said child, I discovered the he only likes Nike, doesn't like shopping anywhere but Sainsburys, isn't keen on clothes from Primark because they feel and look cheap and that H&M is by far better.
As an adult I obviously have preferences as to certain things but I'm pretty laid back when it comes to brands, in fact if I'm honest the only branded products I really own are my Nike gym shoes, Mulberry handbag and Espirit watch so I'm not exactly dripping in designer.
I tried to explain to the little one that whilst he is quite a fortunate child that life isn't about brands and labels, it's about being happy.

My fear is that due to the media that is all around us each and every day our children are being brainwashed into believing that they need all of these things, just like the Christmas adverts.

Television, in app adverts and computers are something I can control but how do you as a parent control how advertising in the media affect your children?

M xx

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