Sunday, 8 December 2013

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

In our house it is officially Christmas! The tree and decorations are up, the kids are enjoying their homemade advent calendars, the festive baking has begun, cards are all ready to post and present wrapping has started.

I look around the house at some of the decorations that I've had for many years and memories come flooding back of past Christmases, the fun, the laughs and the feelings they recreate and it gets me thinking what does Christmas really mean to each of us?

As a not particularly religious person Christmas doesn't hold all of the Christian beliefs for me, however, there are elements which I think can be universal; goodwill to all, love and general positivity. Then there are the other elements that really make Christmas for me. The simple things, like snuggling up with the family to watch Christmas films, making homemade gifts for friends and family, creating new memories whilst remembering old and creating traditions for our family unit are just the tip of the iceberg.

I have to admit that I am Christmas crazy but I feel it's one of the rare times of the year that kindness prevails and almost anything can happen if you just believe in the magic of Christmas!

So while I now go back to planning the rest of Decembers activities for the family please just take a couple of minutes to answer the question...What does Christmas mean to you?  

M xx

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