Sunday, 15 December 2013

Make a Christmas Pomander

With the school Christmas holidays fast approaching I'm always on the lookout for festive craft projects that I can do with with the kids.
One thing we look forward to making every year are our Christmas pomanders. Super easy and fun to make these will go down a treat and leave the house smelling very Christmassy.

You will need
Star anise

1) Wrap the ribbon around the orange in any style you want but remember to tie it at the top and leave the loose ends.

2) Use the skewer to pierce the orange where you want to put the cloves then insert them. You could follow a pattern or place them randomly, be as creative as you can.

3) Once your happy with the way the cloves are arranged, attach the cinnamon to the loose ends of the ribbon and tie a know.

4) Slip the ribbon through the back of the star anise and push it down the ribbon to the cinnamon stick.

5) Tie the loose ends into a bow and hang around the house.

That's it, you'll now have some beautiful Christmas decorations and a wonderful smelling house!

                           M xx

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