Thursday, 17 October 2013

And the redecorating continues

Every year it has become almost a tradition that in the lead up to Christmas I always managed to find a decorating project in our home to embark upon. This year is no different. Our hallways floor has been down since we moved in in 2008 and as I was pregnant with little monster we just focussed on the rest of the property and a quick coat of paint for the hall. Since then the hallways has survived, 3 children, 4 cats, 3 bikes, 2 scooters, 3 pairs of roller skates, 2 skateboards and lots of guests so we decided that it was about time we treated it to a sprucing up!

I am a firm believer in that you get what you pay for and as I really want the redecoration of the hallway to last we decided that we would spend that bit extra to get some good quality pieces. I love the look of oak and the fact that it’s versatile enough to go with pretty much any colour scheme we opt for. With that in mind I have begun my search for some flooring, a coat rack, sideboard and a shoe rack. I found a site that specialises in oak and pine wood furniture that comes ready assembled, offers finance and even has a price match offer.
I absolutely love this coat rack and think it will look fabulous in the hallway with some gorgeous smelling candles from the One Stop Pamper Shop placed on top and will hopefully put an end to coats being dumped anywhere.
Whilst the idea of sideboards fill me with horrible visions of everyone dumping their rubbish on them we really do need one for the post, bicycle lock keys and hallway lamp to be put on. I didn’t want anything that would be too wide and chunky and take up a lot of space yet I wanted something sturdy and long lasting. This Opus oak hall table is perfect. With 2 storage drawers, a shelf below and space on the top for our lamp and telephone this would be a welcome addition in any home.
As a family of 5 one of my pet hates is the pile of shoes that can collect in the hallway. A pair for school, football boots, trainers, dance shoes, wellies… so a shoe rack is a must and anything that can hide them is even better in my book. This 100% oak shoe cupboard will turn those unsightly piles of shoes into a welcoming sight.
Whilst we argue over colour schemes, artwork and accessories for the hallway, one thing is for sure. we’ll be spoilt for choice with the options of fabulous quality furniture available.

Have you got any decorating plans coming up? Do you and your partner always agree on your re decorating plans?

M xx

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  1. Simply love the furniture, am so jealous