Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Trio of Monsterous Treats

With tween occupying herself with friends, first son at his grandparents for the weekend and my other half at work, I was tasked with keeping little monster busy and happy. When asked what he wanted to do 'bake!' was his rather excited response.
After looking through the kitchen cupboards for what baking goodies we had we opted for some straight forward marshmallow treats.
Here are little monsters bloody eyeballs, Monsters Inc Sully and a witches broomstick.

What you will need 
Marshmallows(not the mini ones)
Milk chocolate
Red candy melts 
Blue candy melts (or you can use white chocolate and food colouring instead of red and blue melts)
Mint essence
Purple rainbow drops

1) On a sheet of greaseproof paper lay out the marshmallows and put the straws into the middle making sure the go right through to the bottom.

2) Melt the red candy melts (if using chocolate, melt the chocolate and add the red colouring) then coat some of the marshmallows in the red. Add a raisin for the eyeball.

3) Melt the blue candy melts (if ising white chocolate, melt the chocolate and add blue colouring) and mix in 2 drops of mint essence.

4) Coat some of the marshmallows in the blue mix then randomly put some of the purple rainbow drops all over.

5) Melt the chocolate and coat the remaining marshmallows in the melted chocolate.
As you can see, not all of the chocolate made it on to the marshmallows!

6) Leave all of the marshmallows on the greaseproof paper to dry.

Once dry, treat your friends to these ghoulish treats!

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M xx

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