Friday, 20 September 2013

Rambling Mummy Loves...

Like a lot of people up and down the country, I like to freshen up the house with a lick of paint and some new accessories before the festive season descends upon us.
Despite my fiances best attempts to keep me away from a paint brush I have already mapped out some of my projects for the house this Autumn and spent a lot of time searching for the perfect accessories.
This weeks Rambling Mummy Loves... features some gorgeous household finds.

As we have just purchased a new sofa I couldn't help but search for some new cushions to lavish the sofa with. After searching high and low for something that suited the colour scheme of the lounge and that would be a good fit with the new sofa, I found the perfect cushions in quite an unlikely place.
I discovered these in Wilkinsons of all places and at just £6 each or two for £8.00 there is no reason why you can't buy a few of these, which is exactly what I various shades of green and beige.

As it is getting darker, earlier and we don't have much natural light in our hallway a great way to reflect the light we do have is by using mirrors. We currently have one in our hallway but I am on the lookout for something 'slightly' larger. I'm yet to find one that will work in our hallway but I've found some beautiful ones so far.

 This grand renaissance mirror would look fab over a mantle piece and add a touch of decadence to any home. If, unlike me, you have a mantle piece and fancy adorning your home with this beautiful mirror then grab yours now from Dunelm Mill.

Keep those nasty breezes and chills out of your bedroom with some gorgeous curtains. In most rooms in my house we have both curtains and blinds, but I love the cosy, luxurious look and feel of thick lined curtains in the autumn and winter months and they are sure to keep the chills out.

You'll be sure to have sweet dreams with these at your window. These ready made blackout curtains available at Terry's Fabrics are a fab choice to keep the light out for those lazy weekend lie ins but will keep the warmth in.

Do you have plans to jazz up your property before the festive season? I'd love to see your finished projects.

M xx

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