Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Coughs Colds and Sneezes!

As much as I love the routine and structure that September brings to our lives I hate the coughs, colds, sneezes and bugs it brings and having 3 children all in school it has become almost a tradition that one will bring home some form of a bug and kindly share it with the rest of the family.

I'm always on the lookout for something that will help prevent any or all of the above so when I heard about a new drug free and non-drowsy product I was eager to give it a go.
Nasal Guard Cold & Flu Block is a water-based, drug free gel that is designed to reduce the likelihood of getting ill from cold and flu viruses by creating an invisible barrier around the nose. One of the biggest reasons I was keen to give it a go was that as it is drug free it means it can be used whilst taking other medicines and is suitable for children, the elderly and can be used during pregnancy.

The Cold & Flu Block comes in a handy handbag/pocket sized tube yet amazingly contains up to 150 applications and as you do not apply it directly to the nose area it means one tube is all a parent needs to 'dose up' the kids on the go!

In our house I can pretty much guarantee that someone will have a cold by the start of the second week in September so I was keen to start using this ASAP on everyone.

You simply squeeze 1-2 drops of the gel onto your forefinger and rub between your forefinger and your thumb. The white, non-greasy gel becomes clear as soon as it is rubbed and can then be applied directly around the nostrils and upper lip. The gel has no smell and I've worn it both when wearing and not wearing make up. The kids surprisingly enough had not complained once and what's more, it seems to be working. No coughs, colds or sneezes!!!

Nasal Guard Cold & Flu Block can be purchased exclusively at most Boots stores nationwide and is available online at 

M xx

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