Friday, 21 June 2013

Kilner Jars

Just a quick post from me.

If like me you seem to open your cupboards and hundreds of jars, bottles and canisters fall out that you have bought  for preserving jams, herb infused oils, homemade cordials etc but haven't quite got round to using yet then you'll love this(although your other half may not!)

My partner Sam recently went on a late night shopping trip to our Sainsburys, whilst there I received texts and video messages. How happy was I when I opened them up?! Sainsburys are currently having a sale on all their Kilner jars. Without even having to ask, Sam returned home with a bag full of bottles and jars for me at a fraction of what they should have cost.

So if your like me and love your Kilner jars or just want some for a project you have coming up, pop into your local Sainsburys and stock up!

M xx

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