Monday, 10 June 2013

All the Fun of the Fair

Nintendo Ds, Nintendo Dsi, Wii, tablets, Virgin digital television, 2 laptops, a pc, V-Tech smile, battery operated handheld consoles, iphones, a blackberry are just some of the gadgets that reside in our house! Whilst I have no particular interest in many of these the thought of doing something that doesn't involve one of these pieces of technology is enough to send chills down the spines of most children. With this in mind I told the kids about the kind of toys that children had in previous decades and how lucky they were to have bowling alleys, theme parks, museums and more all within easy reach of our London home.

Funnily enough, 2 days later my daughter noticed a sign for Carters Steam Fair, "Great, how about I take you guys there this weekend?" "No mum, it's an old fashioned fair", "it will be sooooo boring", "I'll just stay home and watch a movie" were just some of the responses I got from all, 3 of my little 'angels'. So I resolved to spend Saturday afternoon baking instead.

Saturday afternoon arrived and it was meet by "I'm bored" and "Can we go out please?" So I agreed, on one condition...we go to the steam fair at the local park. Reluctantly the kids agreed, so with our neighbour, my sister and her little boy we headed to the steam fair.

As soon as we set foot in the park the kids were off, now considering it was an 'old fashioned fair' and 'it will be sooooo boring' I barely saw them for the entire time we were there. 
As scaredy cats, my partner Sam and myself decided to look after the youngest 2 whilst the others went off on the rides.
Reasonably priced and not too busy we all had a ball and even the originally unimpressed angels had a blast. "Oh my goodness, I didn't realise those rides would be so fast or scary", "Did you see how many times I won the grand national in the penny arcade?" "Please can we go on the helter skelter? Just once more pleaaaaaase!"
Needless to say, I left with 3 very happy children that now realise there is life beyond technology and had one more request.

"Mum, when we get home can we play some board games........" Aaaaaah, all the fun of the fair has converted them, temporarily I'm guessing!

M xx

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