Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year!!

Well wow, hasn't the time flown!

It has been a few months( 6 actually) since I last blogged which I know is waaaay too long but there have been big changes in our household that have made it really difficult to get anything other than the essentials done. No, no, no, not that, we haven't had a baby!
I've gone from a full time work at home mum to a full time working at a 9-5 job mum.
Whilst I absolutely loved the flexibility of being a WAHM and the opportunities it offered, I was starting to feel like I had lost a bit of me and with little monster starting year 1 in September I felt it was a now or never decision.
I had originally applied for a job in a school not too far from home but after being offered it the reality of not being able to take time off to see the kids performances or taking days here and there not to mention the 8am start(childcare would have been a nightmare) I had to turn the job down....but literally a week later the same school called me and offered me a job in the on-site children's centre - Perfect!
The job is extremely flexible, a 20 minute bus ride from home and what's more the small team of people that I work with are absolutely amazing.
I won't lie, there have been bumps along the way and the biggest heartache was putting little monster into breakfast and after school club, meaning I can't drop him off and pick him up from school everyday but generally this job has brought tons of positives into the household.
We find ourselves appreciating each other more and wanting to spend more quality time with each other, our scheduling has got rather good and I've found that little bit of me again!

I've been here since the end of August now and am loving every minute of it. Finally we have established a routine that works for us and family life is settling back down...for now.

M xx

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