Saturday, 11 January 2014

Our Wedding - Wedding Bubble Wand Project

With the countdown to our nuptials getting closer and closer we are trying to complete as many projects ahead of time as possible. This time it's our bubble wands.
Many venues are very particular about the type of confetti that can be used after the ceremony, however, due to the gravel in the churchyard we aren't allowed any form of confetti. With that in mind we've opted to do the 'confetti shot' a little later on when we take the official photographs and are going to use bubble wands straight after the ceremony as they will make for some great pictures.

As I am the kind of person who loves making even more work for myself, I decided I wanted to jazz up the plain wands a little so they go from this...
to this ...

To stay in keeping with the rest of our wedding stationary we opted for cream card, backed on gold and finished with sage ribbon.

1. Cut strips of card 6cm wide(you can get 3 strips from an A4 sheet)

2. Set up the paper size and margins in Microsoft word and type out the poem repeating it down the length of the page "Their love will grow,
                   With each bubble you blow
                   So blow warm wishes.
                   To the new Mr & Mrs" and print onto your strips.

3. Cut the strips into small cards so that you have 1 poem per card.

4. Mount the poem onto the card that you are using as backing and then cut them into individual cards(I used double sided tape)

5. Punch a small hole in the the top of the card and using the ribbon attach to the bubble wand.

It really is that simple and it makes a huge difference to the original shop bought wands.

I'd love to see some of your wedding diy projects.

M xx

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