Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Our New Art Installation!

So now I'm a fully converted Pinterest addict, I have trawled the site for things to keep the kids occupied this summer that aren't going to bankrupt me.

One particular craft project that caught my eye was some canvas prints of a family tree. I pinned it knowing that I could play around with it to make it something the kids could do.
Abandoned one afternoon by the older 2, I asked the 4 year old what he would like to do "paint something" was his reply! I saw this as my opportunity to try out said craft project. We popped into town and grabbed 4 canvases from the poundshop so we could 'paint something'.

We rummaged around in the cupboards to find some poster paints and paint brushes that I just knew we're hiding somewhere(leaving a trail of mess behind us!) and off we went.

We painted 2 of the white canvases black and left them to dry. Whilst they were drying the little one painted on of his hands black and printed it onto one of the white canvases and we did the same with Daddy's hand(and arm and belly and get the picture!)

Once the now black canvases were dried I painted Big Sam and Baby Sam's hands white and we repeated the printing process.

Now we have a gorgeous new art installation up that everyone loves and cost just £4!

                                 M xx

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