Saturday, 13 July 2013

It's that time of year again!

Having three children often brings chaos and madness to any 'normal' week but once July sets in, it really does get crazy in our house. More so this year because my first born is off to high school in September and my little man will officially join the school and start reception.
So on top of the usual summer fair, sports days, end of term discos, award ceremonies, summer holiday prep and sourcing and making thank you teacher gifts this year I've also had to contend with secondary taster days, reception stay and play days, form filling and transition meetings.

Keeping me sane through all of this has been the hum of the sewing machine and the whizzing of the whisk. I am the proud owner if a new handmade peg bag, my son now has an activity holder for the car, I have made loads of bottles of different flavour infused oils and I've been taking great pleasure in completing some wedding DIY projects.

I will get around to uploading the tutorials  for these projects just as soon as normality resumes.....although, in our house I'm not quite sure we know what normality is!!!

                             M xx

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